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Attending IDEAG 2022 as a publisher

If you are a publisher and are interested in attending IDEAG 2022, we ask you to follow these two steps, in order:

  1. pay the registration fee of 40 euros for the whole event. The fee covers the participation of all the representatives of the publisher. The fee can be paid:
    • on the PayPal account, or
    • with a bank transfer to the following SAZ Italia account:
      IBAN DE36 6001 0070 0962 6627 01 / BIC (SWIFT): PBNKDEFF
  2. fill in the subscription form on the page:

Accommodation and meals can be booked by contacting directly the hotel hosting the event. You can find further info on the dedicated page. Please note that it is necessary to book meals with the hotel in advance before the start of the event.

Registered Publisher