Game designer registration

Registration for game designers at IDEAG 2023 will open on Wednesday 1st March at noon (12:00)!

Here are the steps to follow to register for the event as a Game Designer:

1 – Register for the event

Read the Decalogue and next Fill in the form at this address to register for IDEAG 2023.

2 – Complete registration with payment

If the registration at point 1 has been successful, proceed to the payment of the contribution for the organisation of the event, which can be made by foreign bank transfer on the bank account of SAZ Italia (IBAN DE36 6001 0070 0962 6627 01 / BIC SWIFT: PBNKDEFF) or by paypal on the paypal account using the link paypalme/sazitalia

Once you have made the payment, fill in the form to send the payment receipt of your registration, within a few days you will receive confirmation of your registration

3 – Reserve your room and meals at the venue

If you intend to take advantage of the meals and room at the venue, you will now need to contact the hotel where the event will take place, to reserve the beds and meals you need. It is necessary to book meals in advance (before the event starts).

You will find more information on this step on the ‘Accommodation and meals’ page.

4 – Register your prototypes

Until Friday 24th March 2023 you have the opportunity to list the games you will bring with you to IDEAG, by filling in the form accessible from the button below. The list of prototypes will be delivered before the event – in digital format – to all participants.

How much it costs and what it is for

The registration fee for IDEAG 2023 depends on the type of table you selected during registration and varies between 20 and 30 euros, and will entitle you to:

  • to a table on which to present and have your games played, either on Saturday or Sunday.
  • a game designer‘s badge to participate in the event on both days
  • to the IDEAG 2023 notebook
  • the digital list of all the prototypes presented
  • Attendance at the panels organised during the event

To ensure the widest possible participation in the event, tables will only be allowed on one of the two days of the event. On Saturday evening, however, the tables will be available to all game designers, regardless of the day on which the table was booked. We would also like to remind you that your registration will give you the opportunity to participate in the training sessions and debates that will be organised on both days of the event.

In addition, if there are any unassigned tables left near the event, we will open registration again and you will be able to get a table for the second day as well.

Number and size of tables

Approximately 75 tables in two different sizes will be available:

  • L tables: 175 x 60 cm with 4 chairs, at a cost of €25,
  • XL tables: 180 x 90 cm with 6 chairs, at a cost of €30,

You will have to specify the type of table you require, from those available, directly at the time of registration.

Reduction for SAZ members

If you are a SAZ member, you are entitled to a 5 euro reduction on the registration fee (e.g. you will pay 20 euro instead of 25 euro for an L sized table).

Registration “without a table

If you intend to participate in IDEAG but do not intend to book a table (because you will not have any games with you, or you will come with other friends whose table you will share, or because the tables are sold out), you can still register. Registration without a table costs €10, and will entitle you to:

  • to the game designer’s badge for the two days of the event,
  • to the IDEAG 2023 notebook
  • a digital list of all the prototypes presented
  • Attendance to the panel organised during the event
  • the opportunity to use the tables on Saturday evening

During the event, you will be able to meet publishers, and possibly take advantage of the hospitality of other game designers present to try out your games at their tables.

To register without a table, please fill out the registration form as usual and – by 24th March 2023 – also the prototype submission form.

Co-designer and companions

If the games you submit to IDEAG are the work of a team of Game Designers, you do not need to pay for more members other than the first one.
However, if you would like everyone to have a badge and notebook, it will be possible to obtain them by proceeding to a “without a table” entry for each other team member (see above).

We ask for the fairness of not booking multiple tables for the same team under different names on the two days of the event.