F.A.Q. IDEAG 2024

Can I cancel my registration?
Yes, you can cancel your registration for IDEAG 2024. By doing so, you will make your table available for someone else. If this is taken by another author, you will be refunded the amount paid excluding transaction costs. To cancel your registration, send an email to IDEAG@saz-italia.it indicating your name, surname, e-mail and telephone number.

If I am unable to attend IDEAG 2024 at the last minute, will the fee be refunded?
Unfortunately, the organization cannot refund fees for non-participation as they serve to cover the costs of the event, for things like renting the rooms or purchasing materials to set up the event itself.

As a Playtester, can I participate in the training panels organized for Friday 12 January?
Of course! The panels are open, but you must reserve your place and pay a contribution.

If I take a table only for one day but I am also present the other day, do I also have to register as game designer without a table?
No. When you register as an game designer you acquire the badge to participate in the event. You don’t have to register as an author without a table either.
We allow game designers to take the table for just one day to allow them to try other authors’ games for an entire day!
The “without table” registration is mainly used for co-designer for those who prefer not to have their own table during the event.

Can my minor child participate in the January 12-13-14 event?
Of course! Everyone is welcome to participate in IDEAG!

Can I sell my prototypes or games during the event?
IDEAG is a meeting that allows game designers to meet, get to know each other and discuss their activities as Game Designers. Furthermore, there are publishing houses looking for new games to include in the catalogue.
During the meeting, it has always been impossible to carry out commercial activities, sell physical copies of one’s prototypes, self-produced games and even copies of physical games.
This applies to all participants in the event, whether they are Game Designers, Playtesters, Bloggers or Publishing Houses.

I have a Kickstarter campaign, can I distribute promotional material during the event?
IDEAG is not a fair aimed at promoting your products and therefore it is prohibited to distribute promotional material regarding games distributed both in retail and on Kickstarter.
It is not allowed to set up an area on your table containing flyers, gadgets or other promotional material. Furthermore, it is not permitted to display Totems, Knights, Banners or any other form of promotional material.

Is filming allowed during the event?
Filming for personal use is permitted. Bloggers, Vloggers and Journalists have been authorized by the organization to film.
However, authors are not allowed to install fixed equipment for video filming for promotional purposes or do live streaming during the event.

Can a publishing house take a table to test one of its games in development?
Game authors can take a table in their own name to test their prototypes regardless of whether they are already under contract or developed directly by a publishing house.
However, publishing houses must also register as Publishers in order to carry out selection activities.

I’m a game designer, what do I need calendly for?
When registering you can insert the link to Calendly. Calendly is a service for organizing meetings. Over the years, publishers have repeatedly reported difficulties in finding game designers at their table. Via calendly, they will be able to reserve a slot to talk to you and try out your prototype during the IDEAG days. This link is a tool for Publishers and Bloggers, in order not to go chasing for appointments.
It’s an experiment we’re doing this year. We don’t yet know the publishers’ response but we would like to point out that the heart of the IDEAG experience revolves all around playtesting and discussing each other’s games. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have appointments with the publishers, there will always be the possibility that they will stop by passing among the tables or networking during breaks.

I haven’t received the link to enter the receipt and/or register my prototypes, what can I do?
I lost or deleted the link to enter the receipt and/or register my prototypes, what can I do?
First, check that you have entered ideag@saz-italia.it among your contacts on webmail. Then check your spam and spam filter rules. All communications arrive from that address, it is therefore extremely important that you can receive these emails.
If the problem is not resolved, send an email to ideag@saz-italia.it indicating which email you did not receive. We will reply to you as soon as possible.