F.A.Q. IDEAG 2023

If I cannot attend IDEAG 2023, will my fee be refunded?
Unfortunately, the organisation cannot refund fees for non-attendance as they are used to cover the costs of the event, from the event rooms hire to the purchase of materials to set up the event itself.

If I take a table one day but am also present the other day, do I also have to register as “without a table”?

No. When you register as a game designer you acquire the badge to participate in the event. You do not have to register as “without a table”.
We allow game designers to take the table for one day so that they can play games by other game designers for a whole day!
The “without a table” registration is for co-authors or for those who prefer not to have their own table during the event.

Can my underage child participate in the event on 1st – 2nd April?
Of course! All are welcome to participate in IDEAG!

Can I sell my prototypes or games during the event?
IDEAG is a meeting that allows authors to meet, get to know each other and discuss their activities as game designers. In addition, publishers looking for new games to include in their catalogues are present.
As always, during the meeting, it is not possible to carry out commercial activities, sell physical copies of one’s own prototypes, self-produced games or even copies of physical games.
This applies to all participants at the event, whether they are authors, playtesters, bloggers or publishers.

I have a Kickstarter campaign, can I distribute promotional material during the event?
IDEAG is not a trade fair where you can promote your own products and therefore it is forbidden to distribute promotional material regarding games distributed both in retail and on Kickstarter.
You are not allowed to set up an area on your table containing flyers, gadgets or other promotional material. It is also not permitted to display Totems, Banners or any other form of promotional material.

Is filming allowed during the event?
Filming for personal use is permitted. Bloggers, Vloggers and Journalists have been authorised by the organisation to film.
However, it is not permitted for authors to set up stationary video filming equipment for promotional purposes and to do live streaming during the event.

Can a publishing house take a table to test one of its games in development?
Game authors may take a table in their own name to test their prototypes regardless of whether they are already under contract or developed directly by a publishing house.
Publishing houses, however, must also register as publishers in order to be able to carry out selection activities.